Workout Wear

Some days getting to the gym is hard.  Some days I just don’t even go even though I planned to.  Every weekend I wake up with the intent to go, but then coffee is already made and the promise of a delicious weekend breakfast breaks my will power.  What does it matter if I skip today, I’ll go tomorrow???  Or maybe not.

Usually during the week, I pack my gym bag in a hurry hoping I have all the right items so I don’t show up after work without socks or a tee shirt.  One way I started tricking myself into actually getting to the gym is by picking out an outfit that makes me look cute even when I don’t feel cute or don’t feel like being there.  Here’s what I wore today, and I even got a compliment when I ran my errands afterwards!



Sneakers (similar), Pants (similar), Cross Back Tank (similar), Tank top (similar)


Now that spring has officially sprung (I found some little buds peaking up out of the ground on my morning walk with the pup this weekend!), it’s really time to get my butt back in gear.  There are weddings to attend, spring clothing to wear, and BBQs to host this spring.  In preparation of 2 of our friend’s wedding in early April, I started a 21-Day Arm Challenge. All you wearing ladies know that arms are the first thing seen and most are so obvious in photos.  No one wants to post a fat arm selfie.

 I am the type of person who needs a schedule to stick to (and a deadline) in order to accomplish anything.  This workout is easy and quick – perfect for me. I can do it at the gym or at home while watching TV.  I’m on Day 7 and going strong with 5 lb weights. Try it with me!

21-Day Arm Challange

If you are just starting a weight lifting routine and you don’t have weights at home, you can 15 oz. cans of vegetables or beans as weights. They are easy to grip and weigh nearly a pound. 1lb in each hand would be a great introduction, but you may graduate quickly to heavier weights. Filled water bottle, large shampoo/conditioner bottles and laundry detergent bottles would work too.

My favorite workouts is to take a few different “circuits” like the Arm Challenge or this one, a squat circuit, and an ab circuit and work through each one to make sure I hit the most important areas.  Add a little cardio and planks and you’ve got a full workout and you don’t have enough time to get bored.  I also love the circuit from Lauren Conrad’s website {I usually do it 3 times} it’s perfect for days when I’m working out from home or a hotel.

Visit my Sweating for the Dress Pinterest page for more workout ideas!