Silpat vs. Parchment paper

Silpat vs. parchment paper experiment.

I’ve used Silpats for years.  I never questioned if they were the best product for baking cookies on because, they’re Silpats and that’s their job — non-stick baking.  We recently moved to a not permanent home and so I haven’t unpacked many of my baking, cooking and non-everyday items.  My Silpats were supposed to get unpacked but somehow I packed them into the “Storage” boxes and I haven’t seen them in 3 months (and counting).  But no worries, I bought parchment paper and have been using it without problems. So when my brother came over to make cookies, I told him to bring his Silpats.  Once he got here, I decided it would be fun to actually use both Silpats and parchment paper to figure out when are best.  The cookies we made had a very sticky batter which was perfect to this experiment.  We both hypothesized that the Silpats would cook faster and stick less and we were both surprised. Both trays took the same length of time to cook so that was a draw. But the parchment paper cookies slipped right off and the Silpat cookies had to be scrapped off with a spatula.  In this case, parchment paper was the way to go.  I will definitely be thinking twice when choosing Silpat or parchment in the future (once I finish unpacking and have an option).  Has anyone else experimented with non-stick baking products?  What works best for you?


Silpat vs. Parchment Paper


Parchment Paper Cookies


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    Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

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