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Are Dogs Color Blind?

I was always told that dogs are color blind.  Last year I dyed my hair from blond to red and when I cam home Brewer jumped off the bed and growled until I spoke!  From then on I was convinced that dogs were not color blind.  I read an article that confirms this. It turns out that dogs are able to see colors; only not as many colors than people….

Do you know which spring flowers are toxic to pets?

It’s just about gardening season in the Garden State.  My pup loves to hang out in the year while I’m working in the garden.  As much as we try to stop her, she loves to dig and often eats what she finds.  Most twigs and leaves she finds are ok, but did you know many common spring flowers can be toxic to dogs and other pets? Tulips – one of…

Our favorite dog products

March 20 2015   In honor of the first day of spring and looking forward to spending more time outside I wanted to share a few of our favorite dog products. The hubby and I have a very excitable and loving mutt.  She’s sure that she’s a lap-dog which can be a little overbearing since she’s approaching 70lbs. She is full of contradictions: she will go from playful growling and tug…