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My husband P and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.  We went at our favorite date night restaurant (the same place we went on the night we got engaged!) and had a great dinner tonight, complete the drink stirrers from our wedding.  But I was really excited to get home and try our year old frozen and defrosted wedding cake.

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I was one of those little girls who imagined my wedding growing up ~ but the only thing I could really imagine was my wedding cake.  My aunt, who lives all the way on the West coast has made wedding cakes for her close friends and family members for years.  I can remember going to visit her and looking through her cake photo albums and imagining what my cake would look and taste like!  At 8, I was sure that it would be round, at least 3 layers, basket weave with tall pillars and roses in-between each layer.  Definitely white white frosting and probably vanilla cake with strawberry and or lemon filling.  20 years later, I went with a very different cake.  Luckily P told me to choose whatever I wanted because cake isn’t really his thing – and obviously it’s very much my thing.

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The cake we decided to go with was off white with a rustic feel, just like our wedding venture.  Our florist did a great job adding flowers to enhance the cake but not overpower it.  I also decided o go with chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream frosting because the cake my aunt made for my bridal shower was soo delicious I needed to have it again!Blushing BakerMy aunt made us this cake with lots of love and it was beyond all of my childhood dreams.  She even took great care to wrap up the top layer so we could bring it home a freeze it to have on our one year anni ~ for good luck!


How To Freeze Your Wedding Cake (and avoid freezer burn)

  • The night of the wedding, place top tier of the cake in a fridge.
  • The next morning, wrap your cake very tightly with plastic cling wrap in three separate layers. Make sure that no air can get through.
  • Follow this with a layer of tin foil ~ again wrap very tightly. If you have a cake box, place the wrapped cake inside. If not, just place the wrapped cake on a plate at the back of your freezer.

To Defrost Your Wedding Cake:

  • The night before your anniversary, pull your cake out of the back of your freezer where it’s been hibernating for your newly wed year.  Unwrap the cake and throw out the wrappings.  Use all new material to re-wrap the cake with waxed paper loosely. Then cover in plastic wrap loosely and put into the fridge overnight.
  • A few hours before you’re ready to eat your cake, take it out of the fridge to let it come to room temperature for at least 2 hours.  Have a romantic dinner with your honey.
  • Slice it up and enjoy!  Don’t forget to toast again to a happy and healthy marriage!

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1 Year old wedding cake, 4 year old San Adams Utopias, 21 year old Bushmills Whiskey. Perfect way to celebrate our first year of marriage and 10 years together.

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The cake tasted great, but maybe didn’t hold up so well 🙂

Blushing Baker


Photo credit for wedding photos: Michael Scicolone Media

I learned the details for properly freezing/defrosting my wedding cake here.


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    Sounds like a very special wedding and first year anniversary! May the fourth be with you always!!

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