Blushing Baker

Blushing Baker is a way for me to be creative in my everyday life.  It’s a way to showcase the things I love including cooking, crafts, fashion, travel near and far, and life in general as a twenty-something wife.

I call myself the Blushing Baker because for anyone who knows me, I blush a lot.  It’s a whole body blush too. I blush when I nervous, excited, cold, hot, drinking, baking, cooking…and I blush even more when attention is called to how red my face (and chest is).  So I try to embrace one of the things I was teased about my whole life and not hide behind.  And although I cook too, I don’t share my cooking quite as often so everyone thinks of me more as a baker than cook.  Blushing Baker!

I graduated college in 2008 as an English Lit major and even though I have never considered myself a “writer”, I really enjoyed my creative (free form) writing classes.  I am working in a field with little creative outlets and have been looking for a way to reconnect with my inner student who thrives on deadlines and assignments.  I am so lucky to have a wonderful life and sometimes I need to remind myself just how special it is so I decided that I would give this experiment a try during my last year in my 20s!


I am not a professional baker or writer and sometimes I don’t proofread well enough.  But I am thankful and grateful to everyone who stops by my little blog.  If you ever have any questions or comments, please let me know!  This blog is my real life.  I bring my treats to work to share with co-workers or to a friend’s house.  I never make anything just for the sake of the blog and I never post anything that I haven’t actually worked on (unless I link directly to it).


I started this blog to share my inspiration.  I work really hard on everything here and spend a lot of hours writing, creating, and photographing them.  If you choose to share something that inspired you {which I totally encourage} please remember to link back to my site and give proper credit.  Thanks!